Meet Mallory!

Area of specialty: General fitness, Pre/postnatal fitness

What attracted me to my specialty: I love general fitness because it allows me to help all people feel good about themselves and realize that they are an amazing human just as they are. I enjoy focusing on building that solid foundation of self-love and then progressing from there to really create a true lifestyle change that will last and is based off of their true desire to lead a healthy, balanced life both mentally and physically. Pre/postnatal fitness is also a passion of mine because I am a mamma-to-be and I have come to know there is A LOT of confusion in the world or pre/postnatal fitness. It is super fun to help women realized what their body is capable of while carrying a baby as well as after their little love comes into the world. Not only is it important for a mamma to know how to keep baby and herself healthy and active but it’s also super important for a mamma to feel good about herself. I love being a small part of all of that!

Favorite Hobby: I love hiking and doing active things… Anything from playing Frisbee to pickleball. You

name it, I’ll try it!

Favorite Treat: My parents own a bakery so that’s tough. I love all things chocolate! I also love sour things like sour patch kids, sour straws… you get the picture.

Tip to live by: So many things come to mind!! Don’t lie to your trainer, ha! If you do they can’t help you! Also, know that it’s a process that takes time. There is no one simple fix that works for everyone so it will be a journey of trial and error to really figure out what your body responds to in the gym and in the kitchen. Oh, and, LOVE YOURSELF! Self-development is inevitable so just be open to growth and committed to yourself.