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Meet Grace

Area of specialty: General Fitness (yoga, bootcamp, barre, spinning, & yoga sculpt) 

What attracted me to my specialty: I have a passion for movement and mindfulness. Growing up as a competitive swimmer I had a love for strength and power, which lead me to a career as a group fitness instructor. This really showed me how you change your mind, body, and soul when you put an intention behind your movement. I want clients to feel strength through their own personal power if they train with me.

Favorite Hobby: Taking different fitness classes, shopping, and hanging out with friends + family. Watching anything on Bravo is probably my biggest guilty pleasure though!

Favorite treat: Mexican food or an ice cold Diet Coke from Winsteads

Tip to live by: Your body is not giving up your mind is. Push past your comfort zones to find your fire and live your power!