Meet Rachel!

Area of Specialty: Yoga and general fitness

What attracted me to my specialty: I have always been into fitness and weight lifting. I love challenging myself and feeling good about my body. As far as yoga goes, I fell in love with it in 2015 when I took my first class. It gives me a way to connect with my mind, body, and spirit in a new way. Yoga gave me the tools to quiet all the chatter of the mind while strengthening my body. Yoga also pairs very well with lifting weights in that it helps to improve mind-muscle connection, improves range of motion, and improves mental focus. Yoga makes me feel good inside and out and I really enjoy sharing it with others.

Favorite Hobby: When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Isaac, and my dog, Charlie. Isaac and I love seeing live music, going to the movies, and volunteering with our church. We also just love exploring new things around Kansas City and traveling!

Favorite Treat: Mexican food or pizza! Too close to call

Tip to live by: Find the blessing in it all and don't worry! Do your best and be okay with knowing that your best looks different day-to-day.