Meet Megan!

Area of specialty: My specialty area includes working with clients on the mental side of exercise and behavior change. Basically, I serve as an additional support system for people who are making lifestyle changes and educate clients on topics such as motivation, goals setting, confidence building, and exercise adherence. I also hold a Sports Performance Coaching Certification through USA Weightlifting and specialize in training clients with an interest in strength training and the Olympic lifts.

What attracted me to my specialty: I have always lived a pretty active lifestyle, and have also had an interest in human behavior and helping others. So, when thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, I decided that I wanted to combine all those things. This led me to getting a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology which allowed me to gain knowledge about both human behavior as well as exercise science. Now I get to work with clients and help them progress toward their goals while also supporting them in making changes that will benefit both their physical and mental health.

Favorite hobby: In my free time I enjoy anything that allows me to spend time with my family and friends. I also enjoy being outside and like to go hiking and kayaking.

Favorite treat: Most people think of a favorite treat, and think of a food. I prefer my treats to be in the form of deep tissue massages. It’s nice to have a massage therapist dig my knots out once in a while, so I don’t have to!

Tip to live by: Have a growth mindset. Always see failure, or a perceived failure, as an opportunity to learn and grow. Never let it keep you from moving forward.