Meet Kayla!

Area of specialty: General Fitness

What attracted me to my specialty: My love of movement, health and wellness has brought me to this place where I just really want to help others. I believe that getting fit isn't just about looking a certain way or getting that "bikini body". I believe it starts with changing your mindset on how you view yourself and your habits. Changing from an "I wish" mentality to an "I will" one will completely change your life both physically and mentally. I want to help clients find overall health for the long term and set them up to enjoy all the wins that go along with their fitness journey, not just the ones that can be measured on a scale. 

Favorite Hobby: Discovering and cooking food that is healthy AND delicious, listening to podcasts while walking my dog and drinking my morning Americano while reading a good book. 

Favorite treat: It goes like this, layer the bottom of a bowl with half a banana, then smooth a spoon full of peanut butter over the banana. Add your favorite Halo Top ice cream to that and top with unsweetened coconut flakes and pecans. Bam! So delicious!

Tip to live by: Listen to and get in tune with what your body wants and needs. Sometimes it is ice cream, but often it's just the right balance of protein, fat and carbs that work for YOUR body. Sometimes it is just sitting on the couch and numbing out on Netflix, but often what's really going to make your soul feel alive is movement. Any type of movement.