Meet Janelle!

Areas of specialty: Athletic Enhancement, Functional Movements, General Fitness & Weight Loss, Senior Fitness, and Nutrition Counseling  

What attracted me to my specialty: I grew up competing in several sports in high school and college. That led me to develop a passion for athletic enhancement training and fueling the body with proper nutrition. After I became a trainer, I learned about functional movements and training the body for “real-life” scenarios. I like to teach clients how to live a healthy lifestyle, which helps them lose weight and keep it off in the long run. More recently, I’ve learned about how fitness changes as a person ages. 

Favorite Hobby: Trying new restaurants! Your girl loves to eat.

Favorite Treat: Chocolate! And fresh fruit! 

Tip to live by: Be brave and take the first step towards your fitness fitness goals! The first step is always the hardest.