Meet Aja!

Area of specialty: General Fitness & Weight Loss

What attracted me to my specialty: While health and fitness are passions of mine, my real passion is helping people believe in themselves and achieve what they didn't think they were capable of doing. As a youth athlete I felt a bit lost when I was done playing sports so I began to navigate my way through the fitness world. And after many different turns Mallory and I created Flexy to fill a gap that we saw on a daily basis, balance & confidence. I enjoy getting to know clients and working with their individual needs to help them grow to find their personal healthy lifestyle.

Favorite Hobby: When I am not "working" or working out, I like to spend time with my family and play with my dog Taz, the official Flexy pup. Relaxing and watching a movie or documentary at home is one of my personal ways to keep balance in my life.

Favorite Treat: Mexican food all the way!

Tip to live by: Believe in yourself on a daily basis, whatever you tell yourself you can do is true and visa versa! Be confident, push past your comfort zone and evolve everyday.