The "F" Word

 "You’re Fat!" Pretty rude right?


Why is it that we know that calling someone else “fat” is mean and unacceptable and even if you said it to your worst enemy you would feel terrible about it a few minute later. But if you look in the mirror and call yourself “fat” it’s okay?

There are two aspects to the fat phenomenon that I want to touch on.

First: The self-shaming that seems to be accepted in our society.

Second: Why is “fat” so negative when it is really so great?




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The way you talk to yourself can make you or break you. Whether you tell yourself 15x a day that you are beautiful no matter what or you tell yourself 15x a day that you are fat and terrible, that is what you will believe.

Ultimately you are in control of how you feel about yourself so take back the power from others and tell yourself first thing in the morning and right before bed, how amazing you are (and maybe 15x in between).


Now to that word we all love… FAT! Ask yourself what you mean when you call yourself “fat”...

Do you mean that you actually have an unhealthy amount of fat on your body?

That you weigh more than you did when you were 19 years old? 

That you ate too much at dinner and feel guilty?

Or is it just something you are programed to say and think when you don’t feel 100% confident?


It seems to be generally accepted to talk sh*t on ourselves on a daily basis because according to most people in society THAT is better than being “cocky”. But just because you are confident in yourself and tell yourself that you are beautiful and have a ton to offer this world does not mean that you are cocky or think you are better than anyone else. It simply means that you want the best for yourself. WHICH YOU SHOULD!


Fat Itself

Over the years the word “fat” has been associated with so many negative ideas. People don’t want fat on their bodies. Saturated fat is bad for you. Blah blah blah. But fat isn’t necessarily bad!

Blahh, Fat!.jpg

You need body fat! Without it you will wither away and die. A certain level of body fat is needed to keep the body functioning properly, maintain healthy skin and hair, keep proper energy levels and immunity, and for women it helps to create the proper environment to grow a cute little baby if you want to! So do not automatically think…the lower the body fat the better. There is a healthy body fat range for women and men so do your best to stay in there and stop thinking negatively about having a little bit of fat on your body.


You also need to eat fat! Mono and polyunsaturated fats are good for your body and have many benefits that should convince you to stop shying away from them because of their name. Healthy fats can reduce the risk of many diseases like heart disease and stroke. Fats are the most calorie dense macro nutrient group meaning they will keep you fuller for a little bit longer and you don’t need a huge serving to feel satisfied. Fats are a great energy source.

More health benefits of fats include, a boost to your immune system, vitamin delivery, anti-inflammatory, lower bad cholesterol and they keep your brain functioning properly and clearly.


Make Changes for Yourself

A few steps that you can take to change your view of the word “fat”:

1)   Stop calling yourself fat!

Just to recap…you have body fat, but you are not fat! Just like you have an arm but you are not on giant arm (that’s pretty funny to picture though).


2)  Strip it down!

Yep, you read that right. Take all of your clothes off and go look in the mirror. Look at your body closely. Your curves wherever they are, your bones wherever you see them, the way your face looks, your body fat contributes to all of that beautiful uniqueness you are looking at. Next look up and tell yourself how beautiful your body is.


3)   Be thankful!

Think about how incredible the human body is. It is the only one you get and you need it to be healthy and happy. So give it what it needs. Don’t deprive your body of nutrients simply because the word “fat” is scary.


4)   Still don’t believe me?

Fair enough. Do a little research on your own, see what fats can do for your body and see how your body fat levels compare to a healthy level.



The moral of the story is that our society goes through tons of trends and fads but no matter what state our society is in you can control one thing…your own body. Nourish it, praise it and love it.


Written by Aja James- Flexy Body Babes

Written by Aja James- Flexy Body Babes