10 Fitmas Gifts for Your Boss Babe

She’s a boss babe, she needs something she will use and love. Checkout our list of 10 gift recommendations! Click the pictures to order and mix and match, use them as stocking stuffers, order the whole list if you’re feeling generous! So here it is:


1) Yoga Pants Gallery Leggings - Leggings are a “duh” gift, you can’t go wrong! Whether she works out a lot or just likes to be comfy, she will love you for a fresh pair of leggings. We love YPG leggings because they are super high-waisted so you always feel sexy, they pass the squat test (she will know what this means), and they last forever which can be hard to find with affordable leggings! Use code: YPGFLEX for an extra 15% off!

2) Life Equals - It can be tough and sometimes just annoying to try to get all of your veggies in for the day. Life Equals super food shots make it super easy to stay on track. Use code: FBB50 for 50% off reoccurring orders! 


3) Pancake Pancake - Ok, so this may not have anything to do with fitness BUT the reasons we love Pancake Pancake are because they offer really yummy flavors and the ingredients are super clean. Clean ingredients are the best ingredients and it makes your indulgence all the better. And just to clarify, yes, this is pancake mix! Use code: FLEXY to get 1 classic mix for FREE with ANY purchase.


4) Recoup Cryosphere - You know those times when she is sore for a couple of days straight and begs you for a massage? Well, you should still give her the massage but this Recoup Cryosphere cold massage roller ball will really help you target the areas she needs to relieve her post gym struggles. She can also use this herself so you can give your hands a break from time to time. Regardless, this tool is great for recovery. 


5) Fit Fab Fun - Who doesn’t love a box full of fitness surprises? This subscription is sent 4 times a year with a combination of full size fitness and beauty products. Just because she likes to sweat doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to do her hair or put on some makeup as well! So give her a gift that doesn’t end after Christmas but rather keeps on giving through all 4 seasons. 


6) Perfect Bar - More than likely she is on the go, I mean… You’re looking for gift ideas on a “fitmas” list. These bars are super convenient for her to grab on her way out the door, they’re super yummy, and made with clean ingredients. Checkout them to see some buzz phrases she may have mentioned are important to her like “NonGMO”, “whole food protein”, etc.


7) Dagne Dover Backpack - Accessorizing is key when you feel like you’re feeling sweaty for half (if not more) of your life. It just adds that extra little something that makes her feel more chic and put together even if she’s running from the gym to work and all over the city after that. This backpack is super cute and comes in 3 sizes. If she’s like us and she carries her clothes, food, AND laptop in the same bag… Just go for the gold and get the large.  


8) Flexy New Year Challenge - No matter if she is a yogi or has goals for tightening and toning, there are options for both! Two challenges will kick off on January 7th, both are 8 weeks long so she can be one of the few that keep her New Years goals going strong! She can explore yoga and mindset or take a route more geared towards incorporating weight training into her lifestyle. With either challenge she will thank you for helping her kick off her New Year with lasting fitness, nutrition and mindset knowledge! If you have any questions about the challenges, don’t hesitate to email us at info@flexybodybabes.com.


9) SERV Nutrition - We always get questions about protein shakes! It can be hard to sort through all the crazy advertisements and actually find one that is yummy, clean, and has great macros. So we did the work for you and we’re sure she will love it! SERV is your answer. The coolest thing is that SERV protein powder serving comes in a pod… Sort of like a Tide pod but please don’t put one of those in your shaker. The pod completely dissolves in your drink with zero residue and is entirely consumable. Not to mention with every purchase made on their site they send a meal to a a hungry child! Isn’t that amazing? Click the picture, scroll to the bottom and type in password: brawgh


10) Adjustable Dumbbells - Obviously we needed to add a piece of equipment that we would recommend and this year we chose adjustable dumbbells! We love them because we have a lot of clients who are pressed for time or enjoy workouts from home. This makes it so she doesn’t have to have a closet (or room) full of equipment but can still get a full workout in no matter where she is.

BONUSBe on the lookout for the launch of our New Year Kickoff event with Dance Fit Flow. This event, on January 6th, will give her the best of everything... workout, dance, yoga and even intention setting for 2019! Click the picture to sign up for our email list to get notified when it launches. She will love spending a day at this event. 

So there you have it! A list full of great gift ideas that she will surely appreciate and enjoy for more than just a day. We think you should order all of them but hey... you know your boss babe best.

Merry Fitmas and Happy Shopping!


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