5 Tips for Sticking With Your New Years Goals

First let us say...HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe that it is 2018?! Majority of us have goals and resolutions going into this year but is it going to be possible to make this year different and actually stick with them?


We want to help you achieve exactly that with a few tips. They can be applied to any goal, not just health or fitness related goals. Now before you start reading these tips do one quick step...get a pen and paper, yes the old fashion kind, and write down your goals. After you read each tip see how you can apply it to any or all of your goals and then rewrite your goal if needed!


Tip #1: Set realistic and attainable goals

Like we said, we want to help you truly be successful with all of your 2018 goals. So if you haven't gone to the gym in a year it is probably not best to set your goal as going to the gym for an hour everyday. This will set you up for failure, as it is unattainable for most people. Set goals that you know are not only possible for the first week of the New Year, but for EVERY week of the New Year. For example: workout for at least 30 minutes 4x a week, take a healthy lunch to work 4/5 days a week, exchange 2 hours of electronic time for 2 hours of self care time a week. You can always increase your goals throughout the year!




Tip #2: Ease into your goals

Don't make a list of 40 things to do and try to accomplish them ALL on the first day of 2018. Take it slow and mark down separate start times for your goals. They can be days apart or even a few weeks apart. Don't be afraid to start implementing some now, the trick is to write them down on a strict, staggered timeline and STICK TO IT!




Tip #3: Make small changes throughout your day

Take your general goal and turn it into small, actionable items that you can achieve throughout the day. For example: turn be healthier into drink an entire glass of water before each meal or do 20 reps of an exercise on every commercial break. Turn spend more time on myself into take a yoga class twice a week or get a massage once a month. The more specific your goal is the more accountable you will be when trying to achieve it.




Tip #4: Get an accountability partner or group

No matter what your goal is you can find someone to keep you accountable! Ideally this person will be reaching towards the same or a similar goal(s) as you and will be able to push you harder than you can push yourself. For those of you with fitness goals that can't seem to find an accountability partner that will stick it out with you ...let us know!




Tip #5: Don't aim for perfection

If you try to be perfect you are setting yourself up for failure because, as you know, no one is perfect. Don't beat yourself up if you make a mistake or miss a milestone. Reflect on it, see how you can improve and K.I.M. (keep it movin')! Staying positive and honest with yourself is a major key to achieving your goals.



Follow these steps and make goals that are truly important to you and we are sure that you can kick some major butt in 2018!

We would love to help you live a healthy, happy and balanced life in anyway that we can. Online training, personal training, nutrition programs, boot camps and our $9 VIP Subscription are some of the ways that we have helped clients in 2017. If you are interested in any of our options we encourage you to reach out and let us know how we can help you have the Flexiest year yet!




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