10 Stocking Stuffers for The Fitness Enthusiast

We heard you loved the our list of fitness gifts last week so we're back with part 2...the stocking stuffers! Most fitness lovers would love any or all of the items on this list, we know we would. So take a read, pick a few to grab and enjoy the holidays stress free




1. Headband and Hair Ties

These might seem like basic or boring stocking stuffers but they don't have to be! If your recipient has long hair then chances are, they have purchased and lost a million hair ties. Grab some cute hair ties and pair them with a nicer headband like this  Reflective Stripe Headband from Athleta. A head band paired with a pack of hair ties will cost you from $8-$20.


2. Protein Bars

Protein Bars are ideal for busy gym goers who may need the occasional on the go snack. If you know their favorite bar then grab a few of those and toss 'em in. We suggest these Power Crunch Bars that are lower in sugar and carbs than most bars. You can snag a 12 pack of these tasty bars on Amazon for about $20, and that's enough to save a few for yourself too!


3. Post Workout Skincare

Help your fitness enthusiast clean up after a sweaty gym sesh with some skin care products. You can gift them anything from wipes to serums but the key is for it to be small and gym bag friendly. We like this $10 face wash and lotion duo by First Aid Beauty. It is high quality, gentle on most skin types and is light enough for post gym showers! These types of products can run from $5-$25.


4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the best fitness tools to keep around. You can achieve a total body workout just about anywhere with a set of small loop resistance bands like these Fit Simplify Bands on Amazon. You can add this bit of healthy holiday cheer for around $10!


5. Life Equals Balance Shots

It's no secret that fruits and veggies are key to our daily health. We know it can be hard to always get your full days worth of fruits and veggies so this all organic Balance Shot by Life Equals is our go to! This tiny and tasty shot has 1/2 of your day's fruits and veggies and can be used in a variety of ways. Snag these shots from $8-$90 depending on how many you want to purchase. Oh and did we mention our discount code? Yep... just enter code "FBB50" for 50% off of your first month's subscription order!


6. Snack Containers

If we're being honest...we LOVE snacks. But then again who doesn't? A good snack container system can make snacking even better and easier for those who like to make their own healthy treats. So pitch the plastic baggies and grab a set of these Blender Bottle Storage Jars! They lock together to they can take multiple snacks without the flying all over your bag and they only run about $12.


7. Meal Prep Containers

Everyone from the healthy lifestyle newbie to the fitness pro can use a good set of meal prep containers. This will help simplify their life a little bit more and keep them on track for the new year. Order a set or two of these meal prep containers from Amazon for $10-$15 or snag some in a store near you!


8. Jump Rope

Not just any jump rope, how about a fancy jump rope. This particular Showpin Jump Rope on Amazon counts your loops, keeps track of your workout time, estimates your calories burned and comes with these super cool attachments that allow you to remove the rope itself and jump rope without stepping on the rope or hitting things around the house! Pick this up for around $12.


9. Macro Calculation

Now THIS can really help start the new year right! For those that aren't familiar; macros put simply, are the protein, carbs and fats in your food. A macro calculation will tell you what proportions of each you should consume per day to achieve your health/fitness goals. We know that can sound a bit complicated to figure out, so let US calculate it for you or your fit friend. Our Flexy Body Babe Macro Plan Calculation for $40 is clearly one of our favorite holiday gifts this year!


10. Spiralizer

Chances are if you eat healthy, or  just eat in general, that you have heard of zucchini noodles. They are all the rage right now and your fitness enthusiast would probably love to make their own at home! Drop one of these handheld spiralizers from William Sonoma in their stocking and they will go wild! Don't worry, it looks expensive but it won't break your bank at about $7-$15.



Flexy Holidays to all of you babes!