10 Gift Ideas for the Fitness Enthusiast

Gifts are hard. To be honest, we're not partial to any particular brand but we highly suggest going with a product that has A LOT of great reviews. Any product can have a 5 star rating if only 5 people have rated. We usually choose products with a 4.5+ star rating that have a very large amount of reviews.


Oh, and Amazon is our go-to when it comes to buying products. It's easy, fast, and you can compare several brands without having to go to multiple sites. Not to mention, the pricing is extremely competitive so you don't have to stress about overpaying on your presents.


Checkout these gift ideas for your fitness enthusiast ranging from 'on a budget' to 'I have some bread to spend':

gift ideas.jpg


1. Shaker Bottle - Ya, ya, we know every fitness enthusiast already has 1... or 50. But let's be real you can never have too many shaker bottles. Our favorite shakers have small storage compartments in them that can hold your protein powder, pre-workout, etc. We like them because they're super convenient and they save you from having to tote a whole canister of protein powder around. Not to mention, they usually only cost between $9-25 depending on size and brand. So, if you're on a budget and need a gift you KNOW they will use, grab a shaker bottle and it's a guaranteed success.


2. Food Scale - Ya, that's a thing. There are several great choices when it comes to food scales and they are all helpful. The price will vary depending on what features the scale offers. Some scales truly just measure the weight of the food and some scales can tell you the nutrition facts of the food your weighing which is amazing for someone who really watches what they eat. The scale you choose is up to you and what features you think your fitness enthusiast will appreciate most. Scales usually range between $10-50 so you can impress without breaking the bank!


3. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Most people use headphones when getting their sweat on but one thing that will drive anyone crazy is when you get tangled up in the chord to your head phones or it's flopping around your face while you run. Wireless is definitely the way to go. They're super easy to sync to your phone and you never have to worry about getting wrapped up in a wire ever again. Most Wireless Bluetooth Headphones range between $30-70 and there are a lot of quality options to choose from so they're a great choice.


4. Scale - But not your average scale, a body composition scale like this one. What the heck is that and why? Because we're past the day and age where all we care about is how much we weigh. We care about what that weight is actually made of (i.e. body fat, water %, and muscle and bone mass). Plus, there are even scales that will sync with your phone and will keep track of your weigh-in results, goals, and even nutrition so you can easily check your progress. Just like the food scale, there are a variety of scales with a variety of options. If your person doesn't care about having an app on their phone, they just want to weigh once a week to make sure they're maintaining their badass-ness then go with a simpler model. If your person loves setting goals and tracking their results on the daily then a scale with more features will be your best bet. Scales with higher ratings vary between $30-200 giving you lots of wiggle room to adjust to your budget and accommodate the desires of your fit friend.


5. Fitness tracker - There's a reasonable chance your fitness enthusiast already has a tracker but they may be ready for an upgrade. Consider one they can incorporate and wear in there everyday life like the Garmin Vivoactive that looks like a normal watch but is so so much more.


6. Gym Bag - A quality gym bag can not only make the day easier but it can also motivate someone to get to the gym more frequently. There are so many options for bags these days that we can finally all get away from that ever so dreaded stinky old gym bag. Prices for bags can go from around $25 to well... pretty much as expensive as you want to go. Try this stunner of a bag from Athleta that will carry everything from a laptop to tennis shoes in style!


7. Recovery Tools- Recovery is one of the most important aspects of fitness. Give your fitness fanatic a tool to help with this recovery and take the stress off of their body. There are many options for recovery so your choices are nearly endless but here are a few of our favorite options. A foam roller, trigger point ball, massage bar or a self-massage roller. Recovery tools can range from $10 on Amazon to $120 for this top of the line deep tissue massage roller by Roll Recovery


8. Clothing- Being outfitted in the best. Fitness gear can boost confidence in the gym and give someone a fresh start toward their goals. There are tons of options out there but both men and women can benefit from a quality pair of pants. For men try a high quality pair of joggers to allow movement and comfort with any exercise. For women try these unbelievably comfy leggings by, our favorite brand of leggings, Athleta. And the best part? They aren't see through! Phew. You can find leggings for anywhere from $25-$100.


9. Online Training- If your friend or loved one has mentioned that they would like a new program to bring them success, buy them an online training program! These are perfect to give more structure while still being able to be done at their convenience. Programs can be pre-written or custom for their goals and range from $89-$200. Try this 8 week total body program from...US! They are sure to love these workouts.


10. Personal Gym- If you're looking to go all out for a recipient that might prefer to workout from home, consider an OYO Personal Gym. This will allow them to workout anywhere and get a great fat burning and muscle building workout with some of the newest and coolest fitness technology. This total body fitness gift will cost you around $150... BUT if you follow us on Instagram (@flexybodybabes) we will be announcing a promo code for our followers on Monday - December 18th so hang tight and don't miss out on the savings!