Top Tasty Inflammation Fighters

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Paige Bradshaw is a 25-year old Kansas City native whose interest in health and wellness inspired her to pursue a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Tulsa.



She has since launched a blog, Buns n’ Guns to share her passion for fitness, health, and wellness. Buns n’ Guns highlights her favorite sweat-drippin’ workouts, healthy recipes, and motivation to optimal health.



Now read up & kick inflammation to the curb!


Chronic disease within the United States population has sky-rocketed to an all-time high. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7 out of 10 of the top reported deaths were caused by chronic disease. Chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis, to name a few, which are all caused by chronic inflammation.


So what is inflammation anyway?

It is our bodies’ natural healing response to harmful foreign factors, which may cause swelling, redness, pain, or heat.  Without inflammation, your body would not be able to heal itself after intense exercise, from sickness, or from wounds. But when your inflammatory state lasts for months or years, it is considered to be chronic. Chronic inflammation is preventable, as it is often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, stress, lifestyle choices (smoking), and/or poor diet.



What anti-inflammatory foods can you pack into your diet to reduce inflammation, all while reaping anti-aging benefits as well?



1. Beets


A phytonutrient (or natural chemical) in beets, called betalain is what gives this veggie their vibrant, gorgeous red color, it is an antioxidant that discourages inflammation in the body.


Try blending one half to a full raw beet into your protein smoothies, to add that extra kick of nutrition.


Pro tip: Add a ripe banana or 1 cup of berries to add sweetness, as beets typically have an earthy taste.


2. Broccoli Sprouts


These tiny sprouts contain a compound called sulforaphane which is considered to be anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anticancer.


You can easily grow your own sprouts, and sprinkle these bad boys onto your existing meals!


3. Salmon


Our foods contain a disproportionate amount of omega-6s, which are considered to be inflammatory fatty acids. Salmon is a great source of omega-3s, which aid in the reduction of inflammation.


Try including grilled Salmon into your weekly diet.


Pro tip: It is also a good idea to supplement your diet with a fish oil supplement, especially if you have an aversion to eating salmon!


4: Blueberries


A flavonoid in blueberries, called anthocyanin, is not only responsible for their deep blue color, but also for their dominant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in the body.


Try adding in ½ to 1 cup of blueberries as a mid-morning treat, or even to your protein smoothies!


5: Dark Chocolate


Your stomach uses dark chocolate to help feed good gut bacteria, which in turn, aid in the reduction of inflammation. So not only is dark chocolate tasty, it is fibrous, great for gut-health, and it is packed with antioxidants!


Try snacking on 1-2 squares of 75% cocoa (and above) to your day, which will help curb your sweet tooth and add extra nutrition to your daily intake.



These are just a few ideas of foods that you can easily add to your diet to maximize your health. Can you take it up a notch?


Written by Paige Bradshaw- Buns n' Guns