Flexy Threads


The process of preparing for a workout is different for everyone. Some may sip on their favorite pre-workout before they hit the gym and some may slip into their favorite t-shirt. Having a routine is helpful and at times necessary. As the founder and creator of The Style Operandi, a fashion and lifestyle blog, I’ve been able to combine my passion for fashion and my career in the fitness industry. I’m motivated by the different pieces people wear to workout. Just like the clothes we choose for work, school or dinner parties, what we adorn our bodies with can significantly impact our attitude, confidence and overall focus. Let's be real, functionality is essential.

Think about it… You try on a new pair of leggings. They fit great AND they’re trendy… It’s the perfect combo. Then you turn around to admire the results of your endless squats and deadlifts. Uh oh… You can see right thru those perfect leggings. For some, this is a total deal breaker and my biggest fear when it comes to workout gear. Coverage is key. I opt for high waisted leggings that contain less lyrca and/or more spandex. I’m a huge fan of the Champion Women’s Freedom High Waist Leggings (found at Target). However, my flexiest feels are when I’m rocking my Moto Leggings from ALO. No one knows coverage like a brand that is dedicated to yogis. This style of legging comes in fourteen different colors!


I partnered with Mallory and Aja, the phenomenal souls behind the Flexy Body Babes because they GET IT. Not only when it comes to fitness, but also when it comes to feeling confident. Being able to adapt to whatever obstacles are thrown your way, if it’s in the gym or in life, you want to be prepared. I love pieces that can transition from gym-wear to street wear with very little effort. That’s why Athleta will always be my go to brand when it comes to conquering the day or killing a workout. I like to keep it simple with their support tops that have built in sports bras.

It’s not about looking perfect. It’s about feeling amazing. Set the tone for your workout and your day with some fabulous threads… It will absolutely translate to how well you perform. Your mind and body are intertwined like the fibers of your favorite shirt.

Written by The Style Operandi - Kinsey Cates