The Truth About Gluten



You want to know the truth? Gluten is the devil. But only for those who have Celiac Disease and/or a gluten sensitivity. It's like anything else, if you're not allergic to it you should be fine. However, if you DO have Celiac Disease or are gluten sensitive then consuming or even using things that contain gluten can make you feel pretty terrible and tired too.



The good thing is the solution is simple... A gluten-free life.


The Hard Part:

Gluten is in a lot of yummy things as well as many household items such as: hot dogs, beer, bread... some shampoos, cosmetics, Play-Doh...the list goes on. So you see, it can be hard to avoid.


The Plus Side:

Because everyone originally thought gluten was the next plague, the world of food and products has adjusted to fit the needs of those who suffer from the adverse side effects which means you can find a 'gluten-free' version of almost everything.


The Important Thing:

That you're well informed, that way if your doctor confirms that your life would be better without gluten, you can adjust appropriately. And if they say you're safe to consume it then you can get back to tailgating and buying regular shampoo.


If you're new to the gluten-free life and would like help with a meal plan, let us know and we are here to help!

Written by Mallory Jansen


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