Confidence is Sexy!

How many times have you seen someone in the store and thought, "Dang! She's killin' it today!" and you don't even remember what exactly caught your eye?... Chances are it wasn't her 6 pack abs... It was her confidence! Because confidence is SEXY!


Sometimes it's hard to understand that your health isn't just the physical, it's the mental too. We all know society makes us feel like garbage most of the time because everyone we see in magazines is photo shopped like crazy. So the LAST person you need talking down on you... is YOU! You shouldn't hate yourself for having cake on your birthday and you shouldn't be so afraid of people seeing you in shorts that you wear sweat pants in 110 degree weather. Getting back your physical AND mental health requires balance and achieving balance is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.


So balance. What does that even mean? It means mental freedom. It means when you do enjoy a not-so-healthy meal you don't want to cry yourself to sleep because you planned for it and ate healthy during the week... It means letting yourself have a margarita once in a while... and, ya, it means exercising too. Having a plan and sticking to it as closely as possible is the best thing you can do for yourself because it takes the guess work out of everything and simplifies the process. So make a plan... For your meals AND your workouts. And if you need a little extra help, we're here for that! Now go show the world how sexy you are!


Written by Mallory Jansen

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