10 Tricks to Confidence

You know what we always say…Confidence is Flexy.


Finding your confidence can be a process but it is well worth the time. Once you find what makes you confident, no one can stop you! If you are ready to start building more confidence try starting with these 10 tricks!



1: Make others smile

You don’t have to be a comedian or buy your office mates a coffee every morning to make people smile. This is as simple as saying good morning, holding the door or just smiling at a stranger. They may or may not be receptive but knowing that you are going the extra mile will brighten your spirits. Plus, there is nothing better than getting genuine smiles back from someone that looks like they’ve had a rough morning. And knowing YOU brightened their day will make you a little bit more confident!


2: Smash negative thoughts

We are all human and we all have negative thoughts throughout the day. The truth is, we are our own biggest bullies. The key is recognizing that it is a negative thought and smashing that like a bug. Try replacing each negative thought you have with a positive thought about yourself or the situation and feel your confidence increase.


3: Be true to yourself

How can you be confident in yourself if you are spending your time trying to be someone else? Refocus your daily energy on being more true to who you are. And do whatever you want! …Well kind of. (See below)


4: Do whatever you want

Within reason, to make yourself happier. Don’t like wearing heels to work everyday? Rock those flats! Want to post your selfies on Instagram? Don’t listen to the selfie haters, post what makes you happy. You don’t have to please everyone all of the time. When you do what you truly want to do you will be more comfortable in situations and gain a little bit more of that treasured confidence.



5: Knowledge gains

People tend to be more confident when talking about subjects that they are knowledgeable about. Take a little time each week to learn a bit more about your passion (make sure it is your passion, not someone else’s). People will see that you are knowledgeable and turn to you for advice in this area, and that is something to be confident about!


6: Workout…but not for the reasons that you think

Aside from the physical changes you see from working out, exercise can increase your mental confidence as well. Exercise lowers stress, helps you achieve goals (see below), and increase positive, healthy habits.


7: Set some goals & crush them

Goals play a huge part in your confidence. Going through the motions everyday is an easy habit to fall into, but it is a pretty non-rewarding habit as well. Try setting a few small goals and setting out to crush those each week. Try things like this, making three more sales this week than last week, cutting your mile run time down by 30 seconds or organizing your cluttered closet. When you hit each goal you will immediately feel more confident and set a new goal to achieve. Watch out, it’s addicting! 


8: Create new positive habits

Don’t try to change your entire life all at once. Instead try changing little things to make you feel better each day. Once one thing becomes a positive habit then you can add in another new habit. Soon you will have made tons of positive changes in a much less overwhelming way.


9: Don’t let failure be failure

You’re like…what, you want me to fail?!? But let me explain. I once saw a quote that said “Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.” I repeat this every time I have a “failure” because nothing is really a failure if you use it to improve. 


10: Find your tribe

Quality over quantity! Connect with like-minded people who drive you to be a better you. You should be able to have positive & meaningful conversations with these people and leave feeling happier than when you got there. These people are your tribe. Remember, your tribe doesn’t have to be huge; they just have to be amazing!



Part of being truly confident with yourself is knowing that you will not ALWAYS feel 100% confident. Everyone, no matter how confident, has good and bad days, embrace the ups and downs and let them add to your story!





Written by Aja James

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