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Flexy Body Babes Online Membership is an easy to follow, goal based monthly subscription giving you all of the tips and plans needed to achieve your health and fitness goals. Flexy VIP membership services are run through a private channel on the Slack app. Allowing the Flexy Body Babes to be in your pocket on a daily basis.


Stress Free

Let us remove the stress and information overload from your life. No more surfing the web to find a million different answers to your questions. As certified personal trainers and holistic nutritionists we can help you to find the best methods and solutions for your lifestyle.Worried you will have questions throughout? No Biggie, you can chat directly with us one on one when you need to. We are here to make your life easier, and healthier!



Community Vibes

Being healthy is easier with a community supporting you. FBB is the growing community of support and positivity that will keep you motivated daily. Find new fitness friends with similar goals through our membership groups, join us for pop-up boot camps near you & represent the Flexy lifestyle wherever you are. You are never alone with the FBB community!


Get Flexy With Us!

No matter where you are starting out or your end goals, we can help you achieve them in a sustainable and enjoyable way. The first step is simple, sign up! Then let us guide you from there.